We Ran With the Marines

This weekend, just in time for our 10K, winter arrived in Maryland. 

Fall, I miss you.  Please come back or I may actually have to retire to Florida

It was 30 degrees when we left our house on Sunday morning for the Marine Corps 10K, but we got lucky and the snow and rain had disappeared overnight.  Running in the cold is a great motivator to not walk so you will stay warm!

Nick did great for his first 10K!! When I told him we had 2 miles left, he said, “I thought we had only ran 2 miles!” He thought running the race was really easy and much better than training runs.  He liked passing slower people. 🙂 Maybe I can convince him to do a half marathon with me??

The race started on the National Mall and ended at Arlington Cemetery in front of the Iwo Jima memorial.  I wanted to take pictures of the Capitol and Washington Monument because the sun was just coming up and it was pretty, but it was too cold to take my jacket off and get my camera out.  I’m a baby in cold weather!!

When you finished the race, a Marine shakes your hand and gives you a medal-it was really cool!

My official time was 1:02:52 and Nick’s was 1:02.  He would have finished about 10-15 minutes before me, but he didn’t want to leave me.  WHY are boys so much faster??

According to my Garmin, I actually ran 6.88 miles instead of 6.2 (we ran on the outside to avoid people).  That is a fast time for me.  My miles were around 10 minutes during the half marathon.  Maybe running in the cold is the way to go!

Mile 1:9:07:84
Mile 2:9:31:91
Mile 3: 9:06:49
Mile 4:8:54:67
Mile 5:8:57:16
Mile 6: 9:11:45

My math nerd husband broke it down and said my 10K time would be 0:56:37 with an average mile of 9:08.  My goal was 55-60 minutes, so I was really happy with the time!

Nick, I’m off to find another race for us to do!

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