I’m Coming Clean: My Love Affair With the British

If you know me, it’s definitely not a secret that I’m a teeny bit obsessed with all things British.  I actually don’t think I’ve talked about it on the blog very often (shame!), but let’s just say that I’m slightly fascinated by the royals and those charming accents.  And the freakin’ hats.  Which I now try on everywhere I go.   

I’m pretty sure it’s this guy that sparked the obsession, but that’s neither here nor there.  And yes, this is the actual poster I had on my wall.

In my defense, I do love their history and indulge in it often with the scandelous Henry VIII via the writings of Ms. Phillippa Gregory (right, Heather?!)

Even though I was a wee bit devastated when Prince William finally put a ring on it, I love me some Kate Middleton.  Seriously, my husband gets tired of hearing me talk about it.  His company has an office in London and I’ve been begging him to take a job there.  His response?

I’d rather gouge my eyes out with a pencil. 

Hmmm. I guess that isn’t happening any time soon.  I think he’s afraid I would start wearing big hats everywhere and be the crazy American that is obsessed with the royals. So until I convince him that it IS a good idea, I just stalk The Duchess from across the pond.

Harper’s Bazaar just named Kate as Britian’s Best Dressed of 2011.  And really, what’s not to love?  Such a classy girl, Ms. Kate.




This is my favorite outfit she’s worn.  I love red, love the hat and the dress looks great. 

Kim Kardashian tried to replicate some of the royal magic with an all white affair, but Kate blew her away. 

I set my alarm for 6:00 to get up and watch the wedding before work, but I woke up about 5:30 and felt like a kid on Christmas. I even sported a little head piece at work that day:    

Doesn’t she act like she has been doing this royal thing all her life?  Kind of like how I imagine I would rise to the task……

I would love to see her wear that fabulous brown hair straight.  So, Kate, if you are reading this (duh, I’m sure my blog is her homepage), can you take a straightener to your tresses for me?

If you would like to leave a comment telling my husband why we should in fact move to London, I’ll love you forever.  And bake you a fabulous chocolate cake.  Or name my first born child after you.

2 thoughts on “I’m Coming Clean: My Love Affair With the British

  1. Danielle Vega says:

    Where has this blog been all my life…thankfully somehow I found it today though at this point I don’t remember how but none the less its amazing! I also have an obsession with all things British 🙂 and wish we wore hats here!

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