Happy Veterans Day

I may try to go to Arlington Cemetery for the ceremony later today, but I just couldn’t resist putting up some pictures of my Daddy from his Army days.  My Granddaddy was also in the Navy and served at the end of World War II, but I didn’t get the pictures from Mom in time.

Here’s my Dad from his days in Fort Bliss, Texas:

So official-I love the old helmets 🙂

He’s pretty dashing in uniform don’t ya think?  He looks so young here!

I will say he definitely learned some traits in the Army that have stuck around for life.  1) That man can spot a speck of dirt a mile away and his stuff is always in top tip, ready for an inspection shape 2) he makes a schedule and sticks to it.  I clearly did not inherit that trait from him.  He will agree with me on this one. 🙂 3) he still uses military format to tell time.  I used to get confused by his watch when I was younger and he would always tell me, you just have to subtract 1200.  Clearly my sub-par math skills kicked in at a young age. 

Love you Daddy! Happy Veterans Day to all our troops!!

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