Chandler’s Dumb States Game

Earlier this week, Nick and I watched the Friends episode where Chandler has everyone name as many states as possible in six minutes. 

Nick decided we should play and all I can say is Chandler is right when he says, “It’s a lot harder than it sounds and you always forget at least one.” 

Or in my case, SEVEN!!

Apparently I didn’t have very good geography teachers in high school because I forgot New Mexico, Wisconsin, Montana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Louisiana and  Wyoming.  Oh, and D.C. isn’t a state.  I’m not sure why I wrote that down.

Nick did better than I did and came in at 48.  He left off Iowa and Minnesota and claimed that no one cares about the midwest.

Tip:  Don’t write out the full name of the state because it takes too long. 

Now go make your family play as a Thanksgiving activity and make them feel dumb.

2 thoughts on “Chandler’s Dumb States Game

  1. Kayla says:

    hahaha!! LOVE. We played that in college after watching the episode. I won’t tell you how many I forgot. Trav and I might just have to play that soon. How did you miss two southern states, goober!?!

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