One and Fifty Dollars

Monday morning, I’m actually happy to see you today because it means there are only 18 days until we are headed home to Tennessee!! I. CAN’T. WAIT. 

Nick was out-of-town last week for work, so we had a little day date on Saturday in Frederick.  When we first moved to Maryland, we lived in Frederick for the summer before we moved closer to DC.  Frederick has a super cute downtown with lots of local restaurants and shops-we took Kayla and Summer there when they came to visit last year. 

We love the pizza at Pizza and Pretzel Creations.  Strange name, but it’s owned by an Italian family and the pizza is to die for.  Plus, although the restaurant is tiny, it has a really cute eclectic look.  Think lots of brink, original ceilings and old books…plus the smell of the best pizza dough in the world.  I know I talk about food a lot on here, but it’s that good! 

Please ignore my chipmunk cheeks 🙂

After we sufficiently stuffed ourselves with dough and cheese, the plan was to check out some of the stores downtown and then finish up our Christmas shopping.  Is it in the Christmas spirit if you end up with several (large) unplanned purchases for yourselves?  Sorry, family!

We stumbled on a cute antique shop and it went from there.  Apparently there are about seven cute antique shops downtown.  A few were way out of our budget, but we managed to find a few things we couldn’t live without.  Which isn’t the best idea when you have an 1,100 square foot apartment that is already full.  Oh, how we are ready for a house.

I found a body form at Pottery Barn recently I wanted to hold my necklaces, but I didn’t like the $50 price tag.  $14 is more up my alley.  Isn’t she cute?

This bulletin board is an old cabinet door that was restored and had covered cork board added.  It will be hanging by my scrapbook desk.  Or “Nerd Station” as Nick refers to it.

Nick even found a few things he liked, including a vintage Craftsman’s tool box.

One of our bigger items was this restored jelly cupboard.  It’s from the late 1800’s from a town in Virginia.  How random that the family that restored it is from Knoxville!

We decided to tell people it was “one and fifty dollars from the White Plains area.”  Name that FRIENDS episode!   

The one thing we didn’t buy?  This creepy and disturbingly life-like dog.  I swear, this thing was following us around with its eyes.  

If you have been around our dog Roxie, you know how obsessed she is with her ball.  So we decided we will have her stuffed with her ball after she goes to doggie heaven.  Wouldn’t that be an interesting piece when people come to our house? 


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