Ryan Gosling, You Are YUMMY

I was talking about Ryan Gosling last week with some co-workers and it made me want to watch The Notebook.  Nick was out of town for work last week, so Ryan and I had a little date.  Hands down, this is my favorite part in the movie:

I mean, what girl doesn’t like when he says, “It wasn’t over, it’s still not over!”  Swoon.  I also love Rachel McAdams, she’s adorable

I still wasn’t tired of Ryan, so I rented Crazy Stupid Love this weekend.  I told Nick I got the new Steve Carroll movie and when it came on, he said, “you failed to mention Ryan was in it.”  PR spin right?

Definitely see this movie!  It’s really cute (we both liked it, so it’s boy approved) and it’s a totally different role for him from The Notebook.  Plus, you will see him like this in the movie:

And Emma Stone is seriously adorable in the movie.  Mr. Gosling has quite a nice track record with his leading ladies.

Enjoy Crazy Stupid Love.  And Ryan’s abs.

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