Ode to Terrible Hair

I got my hair cut last weekend (just a trim) and it got me thinking of some of the terrible hair cuts I’ve sported over the years.  As in, some of these are so embarrassing, I can’t believe I am putting them on the internet.  Enjoy!

The Early Years 

Dear Mom and Dad, why did you cut my hair like a boy for the first few years of my life?  I blame you entirely for this phase.

This one isn’t so bad as I’m sure my hair was in that strange, baby phase.  At least I had hair-my sister was bald for two years!  But, you know those Nikes were all the rage at daycare. 

This is totally a boy haircut.  Nothing can be said to defend it.

My hair is at least longer hair, but I’m pretty sure that’s a bowl cut. Maybe I’ll break that dress out for a holiday party this year?

Finally, I got smart and grew my hair out. And everyone rocked the side ponytail. This was totally cool.

The Middle and High School Years

I was super skinny, had braces and short hair in middle school. Definitely not my most photogenic years.

I think this was in 7th grade-obviously bangs were “cool”

We won’t even touch the fact that we wore sweater vests to a school dance. Why weren’t hair straighteners around in 8th grade? Short hair + curling iron = disaster

I did grow my hair out a little bit in high school, but not in time for my senior pictures.

This picture was before the Homecoming parade my senior year of high school.  Finally, it’s a little longer!

But the hot rollers didn’t help. Big southern hair. 🙂

The College Years

I grew my hair out at the end of high school, but there were still a few mishaps in college.

My roommates and I went through a phase where we did our hair with a three barreled curling iron.  Kind of reminiscent of a crimper now that I look back. 

  Remember when it was cool to wear your hair “scrunched?”  I definitely don’t have naturally curly hair, but I went for that look a few times. 

I know I got an education and all in college, but I swear one of the best things to happen to me in those 4 years was a hair straightener.  Isn’t this much better?

The Recent Years

After Nick and I got married in 2009, I was so over my hair and decided to chop it off super short.  I. Hated. It.  Seriously, I don’t think I took a pictures of us for six months.  I spent the next year growing it out and now refuse to cut it short.  Ever. Again.

Well, there you have it. Some of the ugliest moments of my life captured on film. I hope we can still be friends after this.

3 thoughts on “Ode to Terrible Hair

  1. Amanda says:

    I didn’t see a perm in any of the pictures so you’re hair was better than mine growing up! Dad and Ronnie crimped my hair one time (pre-perm days) and it poufed up so much that they stuck my head in the shower – just my head, nothing else!

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