The People’s Christmas Tree

Nick and I spent Saturday evening walking around DC.  I love the city at Christmas-it’s so festive!  Last year we saw the National Tree at the White House, but this year we visited the “People’s Tree” at the Capitol.  

We parked at the Lincoln Mall and walked to the Capitol.  It doesn’t seem far away when you look at a map, but it’s more than two miles each way.  The reflecting pool doesn’t even have water right now because they are working on it and half of the grass on the Mall is blocked off, so the walk wasn’t as pretty as normal.  But I love seeing the monuments lit up at night.


The plan was to get a picture at the Capitol for our Christmas card (little late on ordering those this every year). But here is the one shot that someone took before the camera died:

Obviously we went with another picture!

Did you notice who else we brought to the Capitol??

We brought Roxie along since we were outside the entire time. The city is very animal friendly, but you can’t take pets up to certain memorials/monuments.

We also checked out the DC War Memorial and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, which is brand new.

Merry Christmas from DC!

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