Our 3rd Married Christmas

Nick and I celebrated Christmas on Sunday so we didn’t have to take everything to Tennessee with us.  Open presents a week early?  Yes, please!

I had no idea what Nick had for me.  We originally planned on skipping gifts for each other this year, but that didn’t last.  We both liking picking out presents…and receiving them. 🙂

So I was extremely shocked when I opened a present and saw this:

Today is our last day of work and then we are off to Tennessee in the morning! Merry Christmas!

A Kitchen Aid mixer! I. Love. It. And I’m officially old and married since domestic gifts excite me these days!

Let’s have another look at it shall we?

I can’t wait to do some baking with this! I already have a few new recipes I want to try out.  Nick said we will probably gain a little weight thanks to this red beauty. 

Remember the big gift I had under the tree??  Any guesses on what was inside?

Beach chairs! It’s really a gift for both of us and we should be nice and comfortable on our next trip.  It has a pillow, cup and cell phone holder and cooler. 

Nick got lots of new tools (for the garage we will hopefully have one day) and some new DVD’s.

Today is our last day of work and we will be off to Tennessee in the morning. Merry Christmas!!

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