Meet Asher

Remember when we had a baby shower for my best friend Kayla?  Meet Asher Riley Sisco:


Asher decided to arrive early on December 14.  He was due on December 22 and I guess he didn’t want to share such a close birthday with his mama (her birthday is Dec. 23). 

I haven’t even meet this little guy yet and I’m already in love.  Isn’t he adorable?  It’s so crazy to think that Kayla and I became friends in 2nd grade and now she has a little baby.  I’m so excited to be an extra “Aunt” for this little guy and I’m dying to go to Memphis and meet him!!

Congratulations Travis and Kayla-hope you guys start getting some more sleep soon, but what a handsome little guy you brought into the world.   We love you!

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