Christmas Review in January

I am not known for my punctuality, so we are just going to ignore that I am posting Christmas photos on January 5, okay? 

Let’s just say one thing about this year’s festivities-they are much crazier, louder and much more fun with little ones running around!  There was definitely not a dull moment with new additions on both sides of my family.  Even though I got a new camera, I didn’t take many pictures this year.  Blame it on the sore throat and stuffy nose.

Nick had to borrow Heather’s sunglasses on our drive to Nashville.  Love the diva stare too babe! 

Lily and Addelyn.  We also had matching Christmas outfits when we were kids!

Because every southern baby has to have fancy bloomers!

Aunt Della with Lily and Addelyn-she’s the creator of the Christmas bloomers and dresses.

Poor Michael is the only male cousin. He’s put up with a lot of girly over the years. 🙂

We are a little crazy when we all get together!

I just love Aunt Della’s tree! Have you ever seen so many ornaments?

Grandmom and Granddad always give us money, but it’s always hidden in different ways. This year it was all taped together and we pulled it out of a box.

Lily was entertaining us wearing only my scarf and our money. Hope that isn’t a sign of what’s in her future! (Kidding sis!!)

I would like to point out that my scarf is from Zara, which is very popular with Kate and Pippa Middleton. Only another sign that we will be BFF’s.

Check out Lily’s painted nails. I was painting my nails and she came up and laid her hands out on the table like mine and sat there while I painted them. Can we say someone is a diva in the making?

And to round out the holiday fun, another awesome gift from my hubby.

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