Weekend in Pictures

Since it’s Wednesday, it’s probably about time to post pictures from this weekend.  Obviously I didn’t make a New Year’s Resolution to improve my punctuality! 🙂

After church, we tried the Silver Diner, a local old-fashioned diner.  The line is always out the door when we pass it, so we figured it couldn’t be a bad choice.  The verdict = delicious!

It’s never too early for a malt 

Played some tunes on the jukebox.  Kayla, I almost did our dance when Grease came on!

I’ve gotten this boy addicted to southern food!

Played with my little furbaby

Tebowed (I’m sure you will love this Jenn!)

I’ve read every Philippa Gregory book about The Tudors and finally got to start watching the Showtime series.  One word = SCANDELOUS!  But so, so good. 

Happy Hump Day! I’m ready for Saturday because we are off for a week of sand and sun in a tropical location.  Any guesses?

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