Pura Vida Round Dos

We came back from vacation on Saturday and it’s taken me this long to feel motivated enough to turn on my computer and put a blog post together.  Thankfully, it’s been nice and slow at the office, so the transition hasn’t been super painful.  But man, I miss my flip-flops, fruit drink with rum and an afternoon nap on the beach.  Nick and I are already plotting on what jobs we could get in Costa Rica and live there year round.

The last time we went to Costa Rica was in 2010 to celebrate our one year anniversary.  This time was just an excuse to escape the cold and snow in DC. 

We started the week off in Playa Bejuco at my father-in-law’s house and pretty much did the same thing every day: beach, lunch, nap on the beach, awesome seafood dinner. 

On our way in from the airport, we picked up some fruit from a local stand.  And drank some coconut milk!

This is Jose, the caretaker of the house.  He’s getting up there in age, so his family helps him out now and we do pretty well talking to them in Spanish.  Jose is another story.  His Spanish spoken at warp speed + missing teeth = we communicate with lots of hand gestures and understand the gist of the conversation.  Or smile and nod. 🙂 

We bought breakfast and lunch at the Auto Mercado. 

My favorite translation from English to Spanish?  Zucaritas! So much more fun to say than Frosted Flakes.

This is one of Jose’s dogs, Minena.  He says when Gringos come around, she abandons him because we feed her.  Minena did enjoy a nice diet of hot dogs for the week!

The boys were busy trying to lift trees one afternoon on the beach.  Where this idea originated, I have no idea.  Maybe the cervezas?

This dog was having a blast on the beach one day.  One of our favorite things we spotted was a cattle drive down the beach.  You definitely don’t see that in Florida!

I love all types of ice cream, but Dos Pinos from Costa Rica kicks some serious toosh in the ice cream catergory.  I’m pretty sure I had ice cream every single day.  It was glorious.

Stay tuned for the rest of the trip!

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