February Photo Challenge-Day 7

At first when I saw that “Button” was the theme for Day 7 of the February Photo Challenge, I thought it was a little boring.  And then a stupid button had to go and pop off my jacket.  Yep, it has been one of those days.   

Um, do I know how to sew that button back on? 

Of course not. 

I mean, I know the general concept and have done a few things before, but I don’t think crazy stitches are going to be acceptable on the outside of my nice jacket.  I guess it’s time to go pull out that sewing kit that my Mama bought me years ago.  You know, the one I have never used. 

Dear button, I will conquer you!

Well, at least I got to wear my new skirt to work today.  And eat a cupcake to cheer myself up. 

Stupid Tuesday, are you over yet?

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