Closet + Blue = Random Post

Blog friends, is it time for spring yet?  I have been loving this warm, slightly crazy weather we’ve been experiencing here in the District and then BAM, winter set in this weekend.  I drove home from our cheerleading competition with snow swirling around and almost meet my Maker when a trailer slid across the interstate. 

Thankfully, I made it and I’m working away at the office.  And enjoying this pretty little arrangement that landed on my desk this morning:

Day 12 of the photo challenge was closet.

Clearly I need to pick up the clothes in the floor of my closet because there are enough that Roxie made herself a little bed.  Mama, don’t look!

A secret to a happy marriage is having seperate closets.  Seriously. 

Day 13-Blue

I love the dress that Katy Perry wore last night at the Grammy’s.  Not a fan of the hair. 

Technically this picture has more green than blue, but water is actually blue, right?  And so is my shirt, so let’s run with it! 

And dress blues for the Marines.  (I don’t actually know these Marines, just a Google image).  I have a friend from high school and her husband is currently deployed.  Some friends and I are sending care packages for some Marines that haven’t received a lot of mail. Email me at if you want to send a care package!

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