The Past Few Days in Photos

Let’s catch up on the February Photo Challenge!

Day 14- Heart

I took my cheerleaders heart-shaped doughnuts from Krispy Kreme because we had practice on Valentine’s Day.  I stayed strong and didn’t even eat one! I had 4 chocolate covered strawberries instead…that’s fruit right?

Day 15-Phone

By phone, I mean piece of crap Droid.  As in, if you don’t answer when I call, I have to take the battery out to disconnect the call because the middle of the screen doesn’t work. I can only change the hour on the alarm clock because the minute falls in the middle of the screen.  Sure was fun to wake up 20 minutes early today.  Trip to Verizon this weekend?  I think so.

Day 16-Something New

It probably won’t be as cool as going to see the real premiere (hhheeellllloooo, Taylor Lautner) like I did with New Moonbut I’ll just have to settle for a few hours on the small screen.

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