My “Dirty Secret”

Happy Monday, y’all!  We took it easy this weekend because the next two weekends I’m out of town for cheerleading competitions.

Before we catch up on the February photo challenge, Happy Birthday to my sweet Granddaddy!  And of course, he won’t see this because he has never owned a computer. 

Isn’t he precious?  He’s seriously one of my favorite people in the world. 

Day 22- Where you work

I do PR and government affairs for a trade association in DC. 

Day 23-Your shoes

New gym shoes-Nick calls them my “highlighter shoes” because the yellow is a wee bit blinding in person.

Day 24-Bath cabinet

I’ve always been jealous of my friends with blonde locks because they could throw some baby powder in their hair and head out the door looking like they just showered.  Enter Rockaholic “Dirty Secret” Dry Shampoo and this brunette now has a secret weapon too!  A few spritzes around the top of my head and my hair looks just as fresh as the day before.  I tried Tresemme dry shampoo a few months ago and just couldn’t get on board, but this stuff works.  Sleeping in just a little longer?  I’m. A. Fan.     

Day 25-Green 

I don’t normally find clothes at New York & Company (I’m a Limited girl), but their spring line is super cute right now!  Since it’s warm and sunny today in DC, I wore my new green shirt and scarf to the office.  Nick looked at my outfit and said, “Is it St. Patrick’s Day?”

3 thoughts on “My “Dirty Secret”

  1. Jenn says:

    I too have the Tresseme dry shampoo and it sucks. I’ve heard that from several people now — and am glad to know it’s just not me and dry shampoo — because I really want to love it! Where did you get your rockaholic? Thanks, lady!

  2. Life's Better With Freckles says:

    Jenn, Tresseme sucks-it left gray stuff in my hair and it felt and smelled nasty! This kind smells good and it actually makes my hair feel like it is clean! I got it from my hair salon-$18 I think and I’ve also seen it at Nordstrom Rack occassionally for $15. It’s worth it, I promise! I’m super picky about not washing my hair every day and I’ve been able to go every other day with this. amazeballs. 🙂

    ha, love it! He asked why I didn’t arrange for the President to call since i’m in DC. He’s a mess.

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