Work It Out Wednesday: 1000 Workout

My Aunt Kelly sent a devotional about Leap Day and it had a list things you could do to celebrate this “bonus day.” 

1. See if you can count twenty-nine blessings that are unique to today.
2. Smile at twenty-nine people.
3. Be quiet for twenty-nine minutes.
4. Read Psalm 29 out loud.
5. Make a list of twenty-nine reasons God is worthy of your praise.
6. On the twenty-ninth minute of every hour, pause and tell God thank you for sending Jesus.
7. Pray for the twenty-ninth person in your phone contact list or list of Facebook friends.
8. Take twenty-nine seconds and tell someone you love them.
9. Go outside and see if you can count twenty-nine stars.
10. Remember that God loves you at least twenty-nine times more than you can imagine.

Today is the last day of the February Photo Challenge!  I’m sure you aren’t surprised that I need to catch up on the past few days.  🙂

Day 26-Night

Day 27-Something you ate

I believe I’ve consumed more than my fair share of Girl Scout cookies since our order arrived.  Nick made a comment on Saturday that he had already eaten 2 cookies today.  My reply?  I’ve had 5.  FAT KID.  Seriously, do they put crack in them?  I can’t eat just one. 

Day 28-Money


My SmarTrip card for riding the metro every day.  Let’s do some quick math, shall we?  It costs me $5.20 to get to work + $5.20 to get home + $4.95 to park = I’ve spent entirely too much money before I’ve even arrived at the office.  The joys of big city living, right?    

Day 29-Listening to

I use Pandora to play music at work and I rotate through several stations depending on my mood.

I LOVE me some country music. 

It always makes me laugh if a co-worker comes in my office when I’m listening to my Disney station (with headphones).  Yes, I realize that I’m almost 28. 🙂

Clearly my musical taste is all over the place!

And now on to Work It Out Wednesday!  I got the idea for the 1,000 Workout from a class my Uncle Barry took at his gym.  You take 10 exercises, do 10 reps each and repeat the circuit 10 times. 

1,000 Workout

Bicep Curls
Tricep Dips
Plie Squat
Mountain Climbers
V-ups (see photo)

It took me about an hour to complete and had my heart rate up and down the entire time.  You can easily switch out the exercises-I’ve done several different versions of this.  It’s perfect for those nights when you want to watch The Bachelor (ugh, boring Ben) and work out in your living room.

Happy Leap Day!

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