What We Did This Weekend

Happy Monday morning!  Mondays don’t seem as bad when it’s warm and sunny outside!

After a few weekends of traveling for cheerleading competitions, we had a low-key weekend at home and it was fantastic.  I got in a run on Saturday morning, but the heat nearly did me in.  I headed out without water or gels and was regretting that decision around mile 5.  I was bundling up for runs 2 weeks ago, so I didn’t even think about needing some fuel.  Crazy spring weather.  But I’m a few more miles in towards my 600 mile goal!

I was craving some grilled goodness on Saturday, so Nick came to my rescue with a huge, juicy cheeseburger.  We can’t have a grill at our apartment, so we headed across the street to the park.  Have I mentioned how ready we are for a house?  It wasn’t quite the St. Patrick’s day celebrations from college, but we did try some Irish beer.  That counts, right?  Ok, don’t tell me how old and lame we are now!!

And I’m playing along with some Q&A from Teaching in Heels.

If you could change your name what would it be?

My Mom wanted to name me Paige, but she never could find a middle name to go with it, so I became Lauren Paige.  In elementary school, I was Alexandria Elizabeth when my friends and I played school.   I have no idea why.

Why did you start blogging?

My first blog post was on November 16, 2009.  My friend Kayla had started a blog and she convinced me to start my own.  I didn’t blog regularly until the last few months, but it’s been a great way to keep our families updated since we moved to DC.  And now I have tons of favorite blogs I read every day and keep finding more every day!

Facebook or Twitter or Instagram? Why?

After trashing Twitter for a solid year, I’ve recently become a huge fan.  🙂  I guess I catch on to trends a little late!

Favorite vacation or weekend getaway

Any time we go to Costa Rica.  Since we just went in January, we probably won’t go back for a while, but I’m absolutely in love with that country.

What is your perfect weekend?

A good run and a little shopping can’t be beat.  My favorite weekends are summer weekends on the lake followed by grilling out.  Or a Tennessee football game and tailgating.  Go Vols!

Hello there, Jason Whitten.  Clearly I was excited to meet this UT/Dallas Cowboy stud! 

What is your dream job?

It changes every day, but something in my current industry of PR.  I like the event planning side of it and would ultimately like to do something more entertainment or sports based.  Although I’ve gotten quite hooked on the government side from my time in DC!  If you have any fabulous jobs available, feel free to send them my way!

If you thought I was going to say Kate Middleton, you were right.

Beer, liquor, red, white, none; your favorite brand.
All of the above!  I’m southern and nothing is better than a cold beer on the lake.  But I won’t turn down a nice glass of white wine either.
If you could only shop one clothing store for the next 10 years, where?
Yikes, for TEN years?  Most of my work clothes come from The Limited and everyday clothes from Francesca’s or H&M, so we’ll compromise with a top three.
What makes you happy?
5 people past or present you would want to have dinner with
George Washington (my father will be so proud)
Princess Diana
Paul (the apostle)
Chris Harrison (I want all the Bachelor gossip!!)
The cast of Friends-it counts as 1!!
I’m off to Capitol Hill-here’s to a great week!

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