Ultimate Wedding Week: Engagement Pictures

I wasn’t blogging when Nick and I got married, but oh how I wish I would have been.  Even though I’m already married, I still swoon when I see pictures of a gorgeous southern wedding on a blog.  And don’t get me started on how bitter I am that Pinterest wasn’t around when I was planning our wedding!

So I thought it would be fun to link up with The Ultimate Wedding Week and share our wedding!  It’s perfect timing since we will celebrate our 3rd anniversary on May 16!

We didn’t have an unlimited wedding budget, so we comprised in several areas (didn’t use flowers everywhere, etc.) so we could book a great photographer.  I have photos all over our house and tons of scrapbooks, so great wedding pictures was a top priority.

We used Tara with Dixie Pixel Photography and she was fantastic.  Knoxville-area brides, take my advice and use her!

We headed to the Old City in downtown Knoxville for our photos in early October.  If we were to take our engagement photos now, I would mix in some props and add a second location.  We headed to a Tennessee football game after our photos were taken and I think it would cute to have some pictures in locations like that.

We used a couple of our engagement photos on our wedding invitation, in our guest book and on a photo guests could sign at the reception.  They are also sprinkled throughout the house!

3 thoughts on “Ultimate Wedding Week: Engagement Pictures

  1. Moozie says:

    Baby i never tire of seeing your beautiful wedding pictures. It was a beautiful wedding. I can’t believe it will be 3 years this May. I’m so proud of how you and Nick, my wonderful, precious, cute son in law, have worked on making your marriage work. Thanks for sharing the pictures again. It made me smile this morning. Love ya. Moozie

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