Random Brain Dump Round #2

There must be something about Thursday that causes me to throw a little bit of everything on le blog instead of sticking to one subject.  I blame it on a fried brain from work.  Whatever the cause, here we go with Random Brain Dump, Round Dos!

Last night, I needed to get in my second run of the week before I tackle 9 miles on Saturday.  You know what I did instead?  Sat on the couch and watched American Idol.  And ate Girl Scout cookies.

I planned to get up early this morning and get in a workout because I have cheer tonight until 9.  When my alarm went off at 5:30 a.m., I immediately reset it and didn’t get up until 7:15.  Clearly I’m not a fitness blogger.

It was fun to see a packed house for the MTSU game last night on ESPN.  I know, I know, NIT isn’t quite the same as the NCAA tournament, but it’s still big news for the Blue Raiders! And did I mention that they beat Tennessee earlier this week?  MTSU playing UT is the only time I will cheer against my Vols.  (Sorry, Steph)


In about 2 weeks, I’ll be headed to sunny Orlando for a cheerleading competition.  However, I’m pretty sure my pale skin is going to fry off at the smallest sign of sun.  Thank you Mom and Dad for giving me Twilight-esque skin.  Too bad I don’t sparkle.

I’m addicted to Etsy and could find something cute to buy every single day.  I’ll share some of my new favorite shops soon!

I’m still not 100% sold about Peyton Manning going to the Broncos.  Why, oh why, couldn’t he have picked Tennessee?  I’m not a John Elway fan after all the trashing he did over Tebow.  However, come fall, I’m sure I’ll be cheering for the Broncos.  Lucky for us, Nick’s sister lives in Denver.  Get ready for some visitors, Jess!

I’m done with basketball and ready for a beer and hot dog at a baseball game.

I updated my resume this week.  Who else agrees that writing a resume and cover letter is one of the worst things in life?  Blech.

Happy Thursday lovelies-almost to the weekend!

One thought on “Random Brain Dump Round #2

  1. Moozie says:

    Well it looks like the Bronco’s have the colors of orange and white. So just pretend he’s in TN. HA… hope your having a beautiful day. they say its gorguous outside. I don’t want to go out and have to come back in and work. You’ll do great running on running day so glad you took a break and enjoyed life. I’ve deceided we stay to busy and put off “smelling the roses” way to much. We must do better at stopping and smelling the roses. We miss a lot of beauty.

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