Shopping Freeze

Um, what is up with this cold weather that just hit DC??  I had to wear a jacket and gloves to the gym this morning because it was 30 degrees!  NOT. HAPPY.  I hope it warms up before the Cherry Blossom race this weekend!

Okay, let’s talk money for a minute.  Basically, I like to spend it.  🙂  Especially on shoes, dresses, nail polish and work clothes.  This weekend, I went in to Francesca’s for a quick minute to see if they had sunglasses.  I walked out with 3 new dresses.  Oops!! But how cute is the back of this dress?

Nick and I do stick to a budget, but I have no problem blowing through my “fun money” and cheerleading paycheck without a single thought.  And occasionally I might even go a teeny bit over.  I also got out my summer clothes this weekend and realized I have lots of new stuff that I’ve purchased recently.

So, I decided that I needed a little intervention and am officially on a shopping freeze.  I told Nick I wasn’t planning to shop for the next month and he replied that there was so way I could do it.  I said I would stretch it out and make it all the way through May.

I’ve always had a problem with speaking before I think.

I’m determined to stick to it.  And of course Nick is thrilled!  But I swear the universe just exploded with lots of cute new things that I really, really want.

Like these pink pants from Zara, very similar to the ones worn recently by a certain Duchess.

Or this adorable bathing suit from Victoria Secret that would be perfect for my trip to Orlando next week.

And this Erin Condren planner that I was drooling over earlier this year?  It’s 40% off!

It’s going to be a long 2 months.  There are 5 days left in March.  Maybe this shouldn’t officially kick off until April 1?!

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