Opening Weekend

This weekend flew by and I can’t believe it’s already Monday (clearly I forgot to publish this yesterday)!  Between church, cheerleading and hanging out with Nick, I didn’t slow down for a second this weekend.  It seriously baffles me as to how we are supposed to fit kids into our schedules one day!

Saturday was one of those perfect springs days in D.C. and we spent it outside at a Nationals baseball game.  It was opening weekend and 3 of the 4 games went into extra innings-except the one we went to.  Go figure.  But the Nats still won and we indulged in some game food.  Why are hot dogs SO much better at a baseball game??

After the game, we headed to Hill Country for some southern style dinner-Texas, instead of Tennessee, but the food was delicious.  And drinks served to me in a mason jar?  My little southern heart skipped a beat. 🙂

The restaurant was super cute and decorated with lots of southern memorabilia, like these shots of senior superlatives.  Remember those?  I was up for Best Smile my senior year, but didn’t win.  FAIL.

And of course, this little lady needed some attention when we got home.

Have a great week, y’all!

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