Birthday Celebration

Hello from cold and rainy DC!  Before the nasty weather hit this weekend, Nick took me to Old Town Alexandria to celebrate my 28th birthday.  And, if you are ever in the DC area, you should definitely take a day to visit Old Town-lots of cute restaurants, houses and shops.

We started the afternoon at Port City Brewery, a new local brewery that opened last year.  I told him we should be seeing The Lucky One for my birthday instead-I’m still not sure how that worked out!  For $7, you get a tour of the brewery and get to sample all of their beers.  Plus, as a PR person, it was interesting to hear how they have broken into the local market and become pretty well-known in one year.  I realize it’s dorky. 🙂

After the brewery tour, we walked around Old Towne and checked out expensive home decor and art that we could never afford.  We also saw a wedding taking place on a riverboat-which of course made me want to plan another wedding.  Maybe a vow renewal in a few years?!

We had dinner at The Chart House -Jennifer, I thought about you and Martha!  Lobster AND crab cakes AND filet?  Why yes, I think I will!

I’m sure you can guess how we ended the night.  A little ice cream!  Aren’t we wild and crazy these days?

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