28 for 28

It’s official, y’all.  I’m 28!  I remember when I was 16 and thought I would be married and have 2 kids by age 24.  Ha, NEITHER of those things happened (thank goodness).  Isn’t it funny how your perspective of age changes as you get older?  I also thought 30 was when you hit the “old and grown-up” mark, so I guess I have 2 more years to go!! 🙂

So, in honor of turning 28, I’m making a list of 28 things I want to do this year.  Thanks for the idea Chrissi!

  1. Run a half marathon in 2012
  2. Finish reading the Bible all the way through
  3. Go back to New York
  4. Make a pie crust from scratch
  5. Plant my own herb garden (will have to be creative since we only have an apartment balcony)
  6. Visit Annapolis, MD
  7. Go hiking along the Appalachian Trail
  8. Explore job opportunities in DC
  9. Shop a little less and save a little more
  10. Attend my 10 year high school reunion
  11. Take my Mama to visit Frederick, MD
  12. Get Nick something fabulous for his 30th birthday
  13. Go to the Preakness (I wanted to be a jockey when I was little!)
  14. Make this cake from Picky Palate-I’ve been drooling over it for months
  15. Participate in the Take Steps for Crohn’s & Colitis Walk in DC
  16. See the lightning of the Christmas Tree in DC
  17. Pick a monthly Bible verse
  18. Run 600 miles
  19. Meet Prince Harry
  20. Go see the American Idol tour again (I can’t help it.  The 16 year old me that loved NSYNC and Britney Spears is still trapped in there somewhere)
  21. Tour the White House while we live here
  22. Run the Marine Corps 10K and beat my time from last year
  23. Plan a trip to another country
  24. Get a real blog design
  25. Go to Boston or Chicago
  26. Plan a girl’s weekend
  27. Run the National Half in 2023
  28. Pack a picnic and go with Nick to a winery in Virginia or Maryland

Off to eat cake!

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