What I’m Loving Wednesday

We are more than halfway through the work week-I’m sure y’all are as thrilled about that as I am!  In the spirit of “it’s only two days until the weekend!”, here’s what I’m loving on this Wednesday.

My new dress from H&M-and don’t worry, I bought it pre-shopping freeze!


It reminds me of another dress worn by a certain Duchess.  This may or may not have influenced my decision to buy the dress.


Runners, take note and buy this right away-sweaty bands!  Maybe I’m a little late to the sweaty band train, but this little piece of material is amazeballs.  I fought with my bangs on every run during my half marathon training and now my hair doesn’t move when I wear one of these.  Oh, and it doesn’t roll off your head like those cheap ones from Target-or feel like it’s going to squeeze out every brain cell in your head.


In two days, I’ll be headed to the beach for the weekend!  We have our last cheerleading competition on Sunday, so Nick and I are taking advantage and getting in a little sun and sunshine.  Yippee!  Too bad Virginia Beach doesn’t actually look like that.


My bestie Kayla moved back to East Tennessee from Memphis this week!  I can’t wait to see her and that sweet little bambino on our trips home-14 hours apart was WAY too far!



A mid-week “mini date” with Nick tonight.  Nothing fancy-just a walk with the dog to get some ice cream before the Caps game.  A hot guy and some fro yo-that’s my kind of Wednesday night!


What are you loving this week?

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