The Next Step

It’s been a little quiet around these parts this week, right?  What have I been doing?!

Getting a new job!

I’m so, so thrilled about this new opportunity.  I had been targeting this fall to start looking into other job possibilities, but when I spotted this job posting, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  It combined all of the elements of my industry that I love-government affairs, communications and event planning-and even better, it was in a field that I’m interested in!  I applied, had a few interviews -where I really, really liked all of the staff-and then I got the official offer last week.  In June, I’ll be  joining a healthcare non-profit as the Associate Director of Communications!

Oh, and an even bigger plus?  The office is only a few miles from our apartment!  My current commute is about an hour door to door.  Now, it should be about 15 minutes!  I will missing working right in downtown DC, but I love the fact that two hours of my day will no longer be spent on commuting.

I guess I can cross one of the items off my 28 for 28 list!



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