What We Figured Out in Three Years

Three years ago, I was having lunch surrounded by some of my favorite girls, laughing and waiting in anticipation to put on that white gown and head down the aisle to Nick.

Fast forward three years and I’m sitting at my desk eating lunch and making my way through multiple piles of work.  Shouldn’t I be allowed to work in my wedding dress or something today?

It’s been THREE years.

And man oh man, people weren’t kidding when they said how fast it would fly by!  There have been vacations, laughter, moves, tears, new jobs, a puppy and new family members-and tons of other stuff in between.  But one thing I know for sure about the past few years-it’s been a hell of a good time!

So in honor of 1057 days of marriage, here are 1057 things I’ve learned.

Ha!  Kidding, I think it will be another 30 years before I can give out that kind of advice.  If ever.

1.  Living with a boy isn’t like living with your college roommates.  They don’t want to watch endless hours of Grey’s Anatomy, they don’t always know if your outfit actually does match, and they don’t really care if the bathroom needs to be cleaned.  However, they are experts at hanging pictures, taking out the trash and lifting the heavy stuff.  And girls, let’s face it, we all like seeing our men use their muscles, am I right?

2.  Sometimes, getting the last word in just isn’t worth in.  (I’ll admit, I was the Queen of  this).  Think “will this really matter tomorrow or in 5 days?”  If not, you should probably just shut your pretty little mouth and maybe get it on instead. (ha! Sorry Dad)

3.  On your wedding day, marriage feels like a fairy tale.  Then you get hit with reality when you have a dirty house, you are both cranky and the dog just pooped in the floor and you quickly realize that it ain’t going to be easy.  But it’s all those days in between when you figure out exactly why God had you marry this person.  When you make a pallet of blankets in the living room floor for a movie night or cry because you are laughing so hard and you can’t remember why.  Or it’s a day like we had last weekend where you are driving down a country road in your husband’s truck, signing along to Eric Church and you both look over at each other and just smile.  That my friends is what marriage is all about.

Here’s what Nick had to say:

1.  You are no longer an individual (contrary to what’s taught and accepted by contemporary culture), but part of the union of two people whose happiness is equally considered for, and affected by, important decisions.

2.  Stock up on drain-o (I like drain-o max gel). Plan on 8-10 gallons per year.  Long hair = clogged drains, and girls don’t clean drains.

3.  Your spouse may not have been taught to do things the way you were, and you’ll definitely have differences in opinion. Its cliché, but pick your battles, or you’ll have lots of them. The rest of your life is a long time, so you’d better be able to put up with whatever annoying habit(s) your significant other has (lucky for Lauren, I have none).

I love his comment about the drain.  Nick was truly baffled and couldn’t figure out why the drain at his condo was suddenly clogged up!

Happy Anniversary Nick!!

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