Splish Splash

We spent the Sunday before Memorial Day in Kingston at Kayla’s house.  Have I said how much I love having my best friend back in East Tennessee?  Now I get to see her every time we go home!  We’ve been best friends since 2nd grade, so the 14 hours between Memphis and DC was a little too much for both of us. 

Kayla and Travis recently bought a house, so we all went over for a housewarming PAR-TAY.

Travis also graduated from dental school that weekend, so we also celebrated that he’s a fancy pants Dentist now!  Want pearly whites?  Go see Dr. Sisco!  Kayla had some cupcakes that were in the shape of molars.  Aren’t those cute?

The best part of their new house?  The pool! 

Lily loved the pool and even tried to go down the slide.  Little miss wasn’t too happy when we didn’t let her slide down by herself into the deep end!

I got to meet Asher earlier this year, but otherwise I’ve had to see him on photos and Skype dates.  So I took advantage of the opportunity to spend lots of time with the little guy.  He is seriously the happiest and best baby.  And Kayla is such a good little Mommy-she’s such a natural!  I love seeing our friendship evolve as we have gone from high school, college and being married and now she has a little one.


Isn’t summer time the best?

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