Future Olympian

You knew I couldn’t go home and not have a post filled with pictures of my sweet niece, right?  I spent lots of time with Lily while we were home and I think I fall more in love with her every single time!  Although I do have a small problem.  She runs around yelling, “Nick! Nick!”  When they point at me and say, “who’s that?” she just smiles and points.  Little stinker.  I did get a “Night La La” on Skype last night, so I’m one happy Aunt right now!

My friend Annie has a tumbling and cheer gym in Kingston and Mom and I took Lily to play.  She loved it and didn’t stop moving, swinging or flipping while we were there.  I think we have a future Olympic gymnast, folks!

I was kind of surprised that she wasn’t afraid of anything because a lot of kids I have coached are hesitant at that age.  She’s a little dare-devil!

Two of my favorite girls in the world, Annie and Kayla.

We also got to see my cousin Brandi on our trip because we both came home at the same time.  Colby and Addelyn are going to have another baby brother in September!

This tracker was a huge hit with the kiddos.  Lily cried when we finally turned it off.  Just raising country babies the right way!

Brandi, me and Steph

Heather and I had a sister date one afternoon and Lily went with us to get pedicures.  She loves to watch Heather do her makeup and curl her hair and was absolutely fascinated watching us get our toes done.  Nick says she is going to be hell on some guy’s wallet one day!

Only 3 more weeks and I get to see Lily again because she’s coming to DC-whoo hoo!

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