Confessional Friday

I’m linking up with A Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday!

1.  Nick and I were watching the CMT Awards earlier this week and I spit out a few un-ladylike comments about Luke Bryan and Jake Owen (YUM!)  Nick turned to me and said, “Did you think you were hanging out with your girlfriends just now?”  I don’t think he bought my “they kind of remind me of you” response.

2.  I went shopping a few weeks ago for some friends who just had babies.  You know what can give a girl major baby fever?  Baby girl clothes.  They are so stinkin’ adorable.  Nick always laughs at me and says I dress Lily up like she’s a doll.  All those hair bows and ruffles make me swoon!  I’m sure I will have all boys for this very reason.  

Seriously, how precious is this bathing suit?

3.  I really like my new job so far-yeah!  And I really, really like the fact that it took me 13 minutes to get to work this morning instead of an hour.  BBBUUUTTT, I really miss working in downtown DC.  I find myself thinking, “What do you mean I can’t walk to the White House on my lunch?” 

4.  Nick and I both want to move back to the south when we do have kids-my babies need to grow up drinking sweet tea and wearing seersucker to church on Easter.  However, I have grown quite used to the city conveniences, so it could be quite the culture shock to go back.  Nick would definitely disagree with this statement-throw him on a huge farm with a lake and he will be set.  Hence, we have no idea where we will be in the next few years.  Stay tuned. 

4.  My high school reunion is in two months.  Y’all, how is that even possible?  I want to go in for it, but it’s such an annoying trip to make the 8 hour trip home, so I’m still undecided.  What do you think-it’s a must attend event or I’ll live if we don’t go?

5.  Speaking of feeling old, I recently got a subscription to Southern Living.  I’m a little scared at how quickly I’m becoming my mother!  Actually, she’s a pretty kick ass lady, so I’m okay with it. 

6.  It’s Friday, which means I get off work at 2 today.  And that my friends, makes me like my new job even more.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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