Shopping Is Cheaper Than a Psychiatrist

Remember when I decided not to shop for two months?  Well, I MADE IT!

Sort of.

I actually did make it through April and May without spending any of my money on clothes, shoes, makeup, or bags.  Whoo hoo, first pump for me!

 Aren’t you proud?  Nick was amazed.

 So how do I now own that adorable perfect shade of mint green polka-dot bikini from Victoria Secret that I wanted? 

I spent other people’s money!  (And  no, not my husband’s.  That’s OUR money!)

See, my birthday was on April 24, so I had gift cards and cash coming my money for several weeks.  And isn’t the point of your birthday to be spoiled for only one day out of the whole entire year?  Ok, maybe it was stretching the rules a wee bit, but Nick said he thought it counted, so I went with it! 🙂

However, I will say this: it made me more aware of how I was spending my money + plus I got a few cute things with other people’s money = a win-win.  That’s the kind of math I like to do!

It was a good experiment and I’ll think more before I buy 5 dresses every time I walk into Francesca’s. 

Oh, did I mention what came in the mail yesterday? 

Oh, dear.

Tell me:  have you ever given up shopping?

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