What’s Up With Knoxville?

It’s been 2 years since Nick and I moved from Knoxville, Tennessee to DC and I swear, ever since we left, Knoxville has been the place to be for celebrities! 

Michael Phelps and the Olympic team are practicing at UT this week. 


One of my faves, Guiliana Rancic, was in Knoxville a few months ago for an event.  My cousin, Stephanie, actually got to meet her and said she was so nice!  I love their reality show-and it’s one of the few reality shows that Nick will actually watch with me without complaining.  That’s okay to tell people, right Nick? 

Oh well, maybe I’ll run into President Obama or George Clooney the next time he’s on the Hill.  Maybe ol’ George will decide to be normal for the day, travel by metro and need help buying the fare card.  Of course, I’ll appear just in time to help him, we’ll start talking, I’ll mention that I’m in PR and before I know it, I’m George Clooney’s publicist! 

And speaking of Knoxville, did you watch the Espy’s last night?  There was definitely some Vol pride in our house when Peyton Manning presented Pat Summit’s award.  Go Vols!!

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