Celebrating Southern: Hair and Makeup

Nick said I always name about 12 things we should do in a weekend, but we ignored my list this weekend and kept it nice and low-key. 

1) Chick-fil-a’s are few and far between in the DC area, so I always take advantage when I can.  Nick, sorry again that I ate every single french fry before you got home.  2 & 3) Saturday morning visit to the Farmer’s Market 4) Channeling my inner Nastia Liukin at cheer practice yesterday 5) Southern Living’s peach pancakes got two thumbs up from both of us 6) Skype date with my favorite little lady 7) Tried to convince Nick that getting another dog IS a good idea.  8) Roxie is still our sole furry child

Ttemperatures are creeping back towards 100 this week, so I’m glad I got my butt out of bed this morning and my 5 mile run is DONE for the day!  However, it’s only 11 am and I’m already ready to devour my lunch.  Does anyone else notice this when they do early morning workouts? 

Let’s talk about one of my favorite topics-the South!  If you have been reading this blog for a bit, you probably know that I’m from Tennessee but trying out life in Washington, DC.  I think I say on a regular basis how much I adore this city, but the South will always be home and I’m just a wee bit obsessed with all things southern.  SEC football, afternoons on the lake, southern manners, sweet tea-all those things make my heart go pitter-patter. 

So, I think I actually squealed a little when I saw the link-up Leslie was doing this week!  And, in honor of our chat about the glory that is the South, I wore my pearls to work today. 🙂

Let’s talk about Southern hair and makeup!  There are lots of stereotypes about the South-and a lot them exist for a reason!  When you picture a Southern Belle, doesn’t big hair, rosy red cheeks and perfect makeup come to mind?  Like this lady:

Big, Southern Hair

I definitely think long hair reigns supreme in the south.  I decided to chop my hair off right after our wedding and I was mourning my locks before he was done snipping (so was my husband!)  I’m definitely sticking to long hair these days…..straight, poofy or curls!

We can thank Miss Priscilla Presley for the poof-I will not give credit to Snooki!  I’m sure there are other ladies who rocked this trend, but Elvis was the King in our house (pun intended) thanks to my Mama, so I am quite familiar with shots of Miss Presley.  Aren’t they gorgeous together?  You are welcome for that picture, Mama. 🙂

Big, southern hair is not a myth!  My friend Inge is queen of the poof!


I’m probably the exception for southern girls because I’ve only had highlights a couple of times, but most of my friends have lightened their hair for years.  And, due to some recent addition of some unwelcome gray strands, I will soon be embracing this tread! 

Hair Accessories

Even before my obsession with Kate Middleton began, I loved hats and hair accessories.  We will attribute that to my middle school cheerleading days where I had a ribbon to match every outfit.  Come on, fess up-who else rocked this ribbons?

I always, always get comments when I wear hair pieces in DC, especially to work.   

We even put hair accessories on our babies!    


My Mama will not go to the grocery store without putting on some lipstick.  And my Nana has had a standing weekly appointment at the beauty parlor (her words not mine) for probably the last 30 years.  So we lllooovvveeee some makeup around here!  My Mama always said a little lipstick and blush can do wonders for any girl!  She’s a wise one.

DC trends

Moving to DC has opened my eyes to the fact that not everything functions like it does in the southern part of the US.  (Did y’all know that liquor stores are open on Sundays up here?  Nick thought it was hilarious when I thought that was a nationwide rule.)     

I’ve definitely noticed that the big city folk are more worried about how many hours they’ve worked in a week than how their hair is looking.  I see lots of buns and wet hair pinned up in clips.  I wear a lot more makeup than most girls here-there are a lot of bare faces here!  (Shudder-I just can’t go that route-I need my eye liner and powder).  But the worst trend I see?  Tennis shoes with dresses! 

I always throw on flip-flips as I head to work and slip on my heels when I get to the office, but I would rather limp down 15 blocks than pair my running shoes with my work suit.  I know it’s not hair and makeup, but it needed to be dressed.  DC ladies, stop this trend!

Come back tomorrow-the hubby is making his first guest appearance talking about southern food!

8 thoughts on “Celebrating Southern: Hair and Makeup

  1. Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! says:

    Thank you for not giving Snookie POOF credit. I made a comment about that too – she might have made the poof popular w/ some people but she’s NOT the queen. I like thinking Pricilla is for sure her or Jackie O or many of the other LADIES of the world. 🙂

  2. Kelly @ Turned Up To Eleven! says:

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving that comment! YES – C-A-P-S, CAPS, CAPS, CAPS!!!! I love the Caps. I have a funny story that involves them and my birth. True Story when I was born the team sent me a dozen pink carnations. My mother worked at the Capital Center at the time. It’s my only claim to fame 😉

    Enjoy Maryland and DC – there is a ton to offer. It’s so funny we switched spots. Wonder if that happens all the time. Maybe there is an unspoken transfer. Someone moves south someone has to move north 😉 I look forward to reading more to see about your adventures!

    • Life's Better With Freckles says:

      That is the coolest thing ever and makes me want to get a job there when I am about to have a child! That’s a good way to look it at…and it was funny reading your perspective of someone moving from the north because my husband says a lot of the same things about the south (he’s from Idaho).

  3. Casey says:

    Found you over a A Blonde Ambition! Loved your mention of the babies – That is DEFINITELY a Southern thing. The bigger the bow, the better! It’s a wonder I had any hair left as a child with the weight of those things. I am STILL getting used to the beer aisle not being roped off in the grocery store on Sundays now that I live in Tampa! And the sneakers with dresses….shudder.

    • Life's Better With Freckles says:

      My Mom always calls them brain squeezers! And my husband alsways says we dress my niece up like a doll with all the bows, but I can’t help it! Southern babies need bloomers too-monogrammed of course!

      Who knew that you can drink on Sundays when you leave the Bible Belt? Although in Maryland, you can’t even buy beer at a grocery store-it’s all at the liquor store. isn’t that strange?

  4. sarahwyland says:

    Stopping over from Leslie’s blog… I love how many of us went straight for Carrie Underwood when talking about hair! And A.Men. Snooki did NOT give us the poof.

  5. Lauren says:

    “but I would rather limp down 15 blocks than pair my running shoes with my work suit”.. I absolutely adore this sentence! agree to the moon and back!


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