Celebrating Southern: Gameday Attire

I should not have blogged about eating southern food and drinking sweet tea yesterday before opening a salad for lunch.  Never has a bowl of spinach seemed so unappetizing!

So I’m glad that Leslie is chatting about game day fashion today instead of food dripping in butter! 

Now, since I’m a Tennessee gal, I’m sure y’all think that I’ve been sporting that lovely shade of orange my entire life right?  Well, here’s a little secret.  My Mama was dressing me and my sister in Alabama Crimson when we were tiny tots (much to my Daddy’s horror).  Now, we both wised up and traded in the crimson for some Vol orange, but I still have a soft spot for the University of Alabama and yell Roll Tide on Saturdays when they aren’t playing the Volunteers.  (And, let’s be honest, cheering for Alabama has been easy the past few years!)  Tennessee vs. Alabama games were a big deal around our household.  My Aunt and Mom are such die-hard Alabama fans that when Tennessee finally beat them for the first time in years in the 90’s, my best friend’s family “kidnapped” them and took them to a restaurant that they had decorated entirely in UT orange.  We get competitive in the SEC. 🙂

On to game day fashion!  

I’ve been on polar opposite sides of game day fashion.  SEC fashion is pretty well-known, but I went to school at Middle Tennessee State University and it’s a whole other world-more Greek letters and flip-flops.  I went back for Homecoming a few years ago and I noticed more dresses, heels and ties, but just from the Greek crowd.

I think the SEC school that wins the game day attire award would have to be Ole Miss.  I went to Oxford for a game in college and was amazed at what everyone was wearing-it looked like Easter Sunday (if people carried around a fifth of bourbon in church)!

I usually start off the season with shorts or sundresses and switch to jeans/ballet flats or a leggings and boots when it turns cold.  I think Tennessee fans tend to be a little more casual than other SEC schools, but I definitely think our shade of orange makes up for any lack of heels and pearls!  Trust me, UT’s campus is hilly-you do not want to walk around in stilettos. 

One of my favorite Tennessee memories is standing on the sidelines and looking up and seeing all that UT orange!!  A lot of people call it obnoxious, but it sure paints a festive picture in Knoxville on Saturdays.  Oh, and getting my picture with Jason Whitten might also have contributed to that memory. 🙂

The best dressed person on game day?  Coach Dooley!  Best. Pants. Ever. 

43 days until college football, y’all! Here’s to a 7th BCS National Championship from an SEC school!

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