If You Really Knew Me

I have seen this series, If You Really Knew Me, floating around the blog world and thought it would be fun to play along!

I had my heart set on being a doctor for years and years…..until I spent months being tested for everything under the sun for my stomach problems in middle school.  Turns out, needles + blood = not my thing.

I dislocated my elbow at cheerleading practice my senior year of high school.  The doctor couldn’t get it to pop back in place right away either.  My stomach just got queasy by typing about it. See statement above.

I can’t keep ice cream in the house because I have no self-control.  Nick’s pint has been in the freezer for about 2 weeks.  Mine was demolished in 2 days.  

When I lived by myself after college for the first time, I didn’t have cable.  Surprise, surprise, but entry-level PR jobs doesn’t bring in the big bucks!  So, I watched Friends episodes before I went to bed and can now quote about any and every episode.

I like to sleep with lots of covers and be nice and snuggly.  Mom used to say she was going to come in one morning and I would have smothered to death.  It drives Nick nuts that I like a down comforter and quilt in the middle of summer.

I geek out about history and can sit and listen to my grandparents tell stories for hours.  I get it from my Dad.  Maybe that’s why I like DC so much?

I never used to cry about anything-my family called me hard-hearted Hannah.  Ever since we got married, I find the waterworks starting up during sappy movies.  I was a mess watching the Olympic trials for women’s gymnastics when they announced the team and every single girl was crying!

I never remember the right song lyrics and usually just make up my own.

The Spanish word for lettuce-lechuga-is one of my favorite words.  And Frosted Flakes-Zucaritas!

I used to ride horses in middle school and still miss it today. 

When Nick is out of town, I sleep with the TV on and a baseball bat or golf club by my bed.  Watch out potential intruders, I’m ready for you!  And don’t forget my guard dog:

I grew up with a slight obsession with Prince William and watched hours of coverage over the royal wedding.  Even though I’m not residing in Buckingham Palace, I also love Kate Middleton.

I got stepped on once by a pregnant horse-Ouch!

I made a 30 on the ACT for the English portion and a 19 on the Math portion.  Hopefully my children will get their math skills from my Engineer husband.

I like my greatest fear in life is giving birth.  Holy moly, is that going to hurt!

I loved every single detail about planning our wedding and would do it again in a heartbeat (same guy!)  Anyone need a wedding planner?

When I walk past homeless people sitting on the street, I have this irrational fear that they are going to reach out and grab my ankle. 

I did a study abroad program in Costa Rica before my senior year of college and now know where I want to retire.

Happy Monday, friends!  I’m working on a little facelift for the blog, so hopefully things will look a little different later this week.  And hopefully I don’t do anything dumb like accidentally delete the entre thing in the process!  Fingers crossed.

4 thoughts on “If You Really Knew Me

  1. Megan says:

    I LOVE planning a wedding…maybe thats why I am now on my second (insert self deprecation) I also sleep with the tv on and a knife near me when Stephen is gone.

  2. Laura says:

    Hello! I found your blog through Lady Million! I love it! And this post made me laugh so stinking loud that my husband asked if I was ok:) I find it hilarious about the homeless grabbing your ankles…mostly b/c I have the same fear! Hahaha

  3. Chrissi says:

    love this!! i need to do something like this too, helps readers really get to know you. i’ve been working on the road for two weeks now and SO HAPPY to be home and checking in/catching up on blogs :))) XO

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