Drink the District

Nick and I met some friends on Saturday for Drink the District, a food and beer festival in DC.  It was really fun, but holy cannoli, it was HOTT!  Between being outside all day and a hot run on Sunday, I seriously started getting fall fever.  But don’t yell at me….I’m not ready to kiss summer off just yet. 🙂

I had never heard of the event, but we decided to go when Living Social offered a deal last week.  Nick is a big fan of trying local breweries, so I knew it would be right up his alley.  We’ve been to Brewer’s Jam in Knoxville with a group of friends and had a great time.  One small difference:  Brewer’s Jam is in October in World’s Fair Park, so the weather is ideal and you are in the middle of a huge park.  Drink the District was in July in the middle of a DC parking lot.  Not quite the same experience. 

If you want to know about all the great beers we tried and where they’re from, you need to talk to my husband.  I either like it or I don’t.  I was immediately drawn to the line of food trucks (insanely popular in DC) and hit the jackpot with our final visit. 

Goodie’s Frozen Custard & Treats is a new food truck in the area and it’s insanely delicious!  Leave it to me to have an ice cream truck be my favorite thing from a beer festival. 🙂

There were several ice cream trucks at the event, but I wanted to try Goodie’s solely based on the old-fashioned truck and uniforms.  How cute is that truck?  It’s all original from the 50’s and is named GiGi.  Here’s a little review I found from their launch in the Washingtonian:

Also new on the scene is Goodies, a frozen custard truck set to hit the streets on March 20. The theme here is one we’re seeing at a lot of eateries these days: American nostalgia. Owner Brandon Byrd has outfitted a 60-year-old former post office van—he’s named it Gigi—which will churn out Madagascar vanilla custard to the tunes of Little Richard and the Four Seasons. Look for the thick ’n’ creamy stuff to be served in fresh-made waffle cones, and as floats, milkshakes, and sundaes. Goodies should be road-worthy by the first day of spring.

Y’all, this was hands down the best milkshake I’ve ever had!  And you know I have ice cream every week, so I have high standards!  I tried the peanut butter shake, but I also had my eye on the Oreo sundae.  Nick and I checked out the inside of the truck and I even hopped in the driver’s seat.  They didn’t hand me the keys though…..maybe next time! 

And Brandon was SO nice, so it’s definitely a local business I want to support.  DC friends, you definitely need to visit Goodie’s.  I’ll be stalking the truck’s whereabouts in DC and hoping they occasionally venture out to Maryland.

After we left, we headed over to the National Mall to play tourists for a bit. 

A little back story on that picture in front of the National Archives.  We came to DC with Mike and Summer in 2007 for a long weekend in February.  We all almost froze to death…it’s a wonder that I still wanted to move here after that weekend!  Despite my complaining about the heat earlier, my southern blood prefers warmer weather!

Anyway, when we were talking about places we should visit, I accidentally mispronounced Archives.  I kept saying AR-CHIVES.  Like the onion.  Of course everyone found this hilarious, but to this day, I still have to think about that word before I say it. 

What words can you not pronounce?  When I was younger, I couldn’t say drawer.  And I can’t pronounce Massachusetts half the time-I blame that on my college roommate because she couldn’t say it and it messed me up!

And yes, I work in communications!!

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