July 4th…on August 1

When Mom and Lily came to visit last month, my cousin Brandi and her kids came to see us for a few days.  

3 adults + 3 kids + I Yorkie = a noisy, busy apartment.   

Addelyn was checking out Roxie when they first got to the apartment.  How could you not love her sweet little face?!

It’s so funny to me to see the next generation of our family and watch the kids do things with their cousins just like we all did together.  We are about to add another little baby to the family…Brandi will have baby#3 in September-another boy!  We always joke that she is going to have a little football team before Nick and I have our first one.  Brandi, I promise not to wait until Colby is a teenager before we have kids.  🙂 I will point out that Colby is only 4, so that gives me a 9 year window!

Our family has always made homemade ice cream on July 4th, so I tried out my new ice cream maker that Nick got me for our anniversary. Colby was my Sous Chef.

I swear she actually does have a belly! 

Colby turned 4 a few days earlier, so we had a little birthday party.  I told him we were going to have a party and he said, “for me?  But I already had one.  But I guess I’m okay with another one.” 

Swimming with little kids does not include laying at the pool with a book!  All 3 of them love the water and were non-stop-I needed a nap after we were done! 


Roxie was worn out from keeping up with the kids.

Brandi, thanks for driving through crazy DC with 2 kids while you are 7 months pregnant…we had such a good time!  Can’t wait to meet baby Callen in September!

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