Day At The Fair

We spent Saturday at the Howard County Fair.  We’ve spent the past two weekends in DC, so I think Nick needed to get in touch with his country roots. 🙂  That one will never be a city boy!  However, I’m sorry to report that we didn’t see perms and butt cracks like last time.    

We watched a horse pull where draft horses compete to see which team can pull the most weight.  One team weighed 4800 pounds!  We also watched the show jumping, which took me back to my 4-H roots.  Yes, I rode horses in a 4-H program and did some horse shows.  I also won Best Cookie in 4th grade!!  Apparently my domestic roots have been there all along.

Can anyone go to a fair and resist all the food?  We did skip the fried Oreos, but I think the giant turkey leg, cheeseburger, homemade pie and ice cream put us over our calorie count for the day.

Confession:  Roosters and chickens freak me out.  You never know where those little things are going to run and peck next.  Give me a giant horse any day. 

I also managed to get some quality Christmas gifts for my friends:


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