He Says, She Says

Obviously you don’t hear my voice every day when you come to the blog, but I’m constantly told that it’s very obvious I’m from the south after talking to me for a few minutes.  Actually, when I first started working in DC, I was checking out at CVS and this young punk kid blurted out, “Girl where are you from?  You are country!”  RUDE.

Even after 6 years together, Nick will sometimes say, “What did you say?  I didn’t understand any of that through your accent.” 

For the record, people from Idaho (Nick) don’t have an accent at all.  However, we are constantly laughing about how we say things differently from growing up on different sides of the country.   

He says:  shopping cart
She says:  buggy

He says:  kitty corner
She says:  catty corner

He says:  cookies (for when you drive your car in circles)
She says:  donuts

He says: plug it in
She says: plug it up

He says: turn the ac up (to make it colder)
She says: turn the ac down (to make it colder)

He says: blankets
She says: pallet (Did you sleep on pallets as a kid? Like at Christmas when all the family is together. This one baffled Nick when he first heard it).

He says: pop
She says: coke

He says: tea
She says: sweet tea

He says: water skiing
She says: skiing

He says: skiing
She says: snow skiing

He says: pin (i.e. hold someone down)
She says: waller (as in “get off me! You are wallering me to death.  Wow, that’s really country!)

He says: pen
She says: ink pen

He says: bbq
She says: grill

He says: smell this
She says: smell of this (I’m pretty sure this isn’t true, but Nick insists I say it)

He says: knot (when you bump your head)
She says: pump knot

He says: swell
She says: welp up (As in, “this mosquito bite is welping up!)

He says: goose bumps
She says: chill bumps

He says: soda crackers
She says: saltines

He says: cop a squat
She says: pop a squat

He says: These ones (this drives the communications major in me NUTS!)
She says: These

Here are Nick’s extra contributions:

He says: poem
She says: poiyem

He says: hi
She says: hagh

Ok, who says it correctly, me or Nick?  And what do you say in your neck of the woods?

8 thoughts on “He Says, She Says

  1. Steph says:

    In my brain it’s pretty even but Nick does have the advantage. I’ve never even heard “whelping up” and I’ve lived in Alabama & Florida for almost 20 years. Lol

  2. Jill Garza says:

    Oh Lauren, how i can relate to this!! When we moved to PA for two years, as soon as I would open my mouth they would quickly reply, “your not from here are you” I wanted to say, thanks for noticing!!My husband was born in CA, lived in TN most his life and life nick, spent some time in Idaho.. but I am constantly made fun of for the things I say.. But I am right there with you, waller(michael makes fun of me alot for this), pilla(pillow), pop( although I have tried to just say what i want), but the worst one, and I’ll likely never live it down is NABS(peanut butter crackers) or “Nip it off”( jump it off, as in reboost the car battery)
    This is a great post and really made me laugh!!

  3. Kristina says:

    This is so funny! I haven’t heard of some of your phrases, but I was surprised (being from Chicago) that I agree with you on a bunch of them – it’s definitely doughnuts, doing cookies in the parking lot just sounds silly!

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