Favorite Vacations: Rome Edition

Morning y’all!  Nick and I are headed out-of-town for a long weekend and I’m seriously about to pee my pants (TMI?) with excitement because I get to see my bestie Kayla!!  While I’m gone, I thought it might be fun to invite some new friends into this little space and let them tell you about some of their favorite vacations.
First, we have Laura, one half of the duo over at A Brunette Duet.  I think Nick totally thinks I’m a weirdo when I mention a “blogging friend” but I immediately liked these ladies when I read their blog.  Although I think they cheer for the Gators during football season, but I’ll try to forgive that.  At least it’s SEC. 🙂 
Guest Post: Laura from A Brunette Duet 
Hey girls! My name is Laura, any my friend Stephanie and I write a beauty/fashion blog over at A Brunette Duet
When Lauren told us she was going on a mini vacation and asked if we would take over her blog for her, we immediately knew we wanted to do vacation posts. So, stay tuned for Stephanie’s favorite vacation post coming soon!
My all time favorite vacation so far (I’m hoping to top this one soon.haha), is most definitely a trip to Rome, Italy my husband and I took in 2009. Now for anyone who follows our blog, you already know the trip over wasn’t my finest day ever. You can read that here, but moving on… Below are some of the great memories we had while we were there.
Allow me to start with the food 🙂 It was dee-lish-us! This picture was taken at our favorite little restaurant around the corner from our hotel. They had the best raviolis!
We visited every landmark multiple times, but the area around the Colosseum was our favorite. It had the best little shops and eateries!
We also managed to take a picture with some Roman centurions. While this was a lot of fun, they charged us $15 dollars for it after we took it. And it was MY camera!! They started yelling at us when we walked away, so my husband paid them… lesson learned. Don’t take a picture with these guys if you go!
We went to the Vatican on Wednesday which is the day the Pope addresses the crowds outside. There were 250,000 people crammed into this square. But I did manage to get some pictures of him. We’re not Catholic so I’m not entirely sure why we choose Wednesday as our tour day?! Can you spy the little man in white? 🙂
Another adventure was climbing the Spanish Steps. All you fans of Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck’s “Roman Holiday” will recognize this place!
And of course the gorgeous Trevi Fountain. They say if you throw a penny in and make a wish, it will come true. So I threw a penny in during our honeymoon in 2007 and wished that we would be able to come back to Rome one day. It came true!  
So thank you Lauren for allowing me to guest post for you! We both are thrilled to have found “Life’s Better With Freckles” and become friends with someone who is so sweet! 


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