Favorite Vacations: Florida to Washington

Morning y’all!  I’m officially back from the Virginia mountains, but need a day to catch up, so I have one last guest post for you guys today.  We had a great time and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! 

Steph is the other half of A Brunette Duet and I liked her immediately when she guessed my Friends reference.  We’ve since traded several emails with Friends quotes.  🙂

Guest Post: Steph From A Brunette Duet
Well, hello there! 

Yeah, this isn’t Lauren.  She’s on a mini-vacation and asked Laura and I to take over her blog while she gets to take a little time off!  We were thrilled to oblige, we love Lauren and obviously you do too! We decided since Lauren was going on vacation we would each write up a little post about our favorite vacations. 

I had such a difficult time deciding which one to pick.  I’ve only ever really gone on two planned vacations and one was my honeymoon.  I almost forgot that even though this wasn’t planned it was ridiculously, insanely awesome.  Sometimes those are the best aren’t they?! 

Back in 2008 my cousin, Amy, was moving out of the country to be a missionary.  My aunt and uncle already live over there and had come back to help her and her family get things together to leave and they needed to get their two cars from Florida to Washington.  Did someone say roadtrip?! I’ll spare you ALL the details since it took us about 11 days just to get to Washington but here are some highlights. 
Our first big stop was for the Alamo.  It was really neat to see but this stop was tainted for me.  We had another cousin book a hotel for us outside of San Antonio and besides being filthy and unsafe (there were NO locks on the outside doors to get inside!), it felt like a slasher hotel.  We were on the verge of tears in our room until we realized how ridiculous it was we started laughing, then we got mad that that we paid so much for such a dive! 
In one of my my only acts of bravery (I’m a very non-confrontational person) I marched downstairs told them our room was filthy and that we were leaving.  She said she couldn’t refund my money so I said I don’t care, I refuse to sleep in a place where I could die.  She started yelling at me and I took our receipt and walked out the door. We did get our money back and we slept in a very comfortable Holiday Inn Express across the street.  🙂  
The next morning we drove to El Paso, then on to Arizona where we stayed with Amy’s dad for a few days and drove the four hours from his house to the Grand Canyon.  
This was one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen.  It was just totally incredible. I don’t even know what else to say about it.  It’s definitely something you should try to see at least once in your lifetime! 
By the way, I’m terrified of heights – I am SO proud of myself for getting this pic! Amy dangled her legs over the edge – ha! I’m not that risky.   After that we drove to Los Angeles, then through California from the bottom to the top and stopped at the Redwood forest.
We barely saw the sign on the road for the “drive through tree” but I am so glad we did! We didn’t think we would fit through that hole but there was plenty of room! These trees were so incredible, they were by far my favorite! 
We drove the rest of the way up the coast through Oregon.  By this time I had told my husband so much of what we’d been doing that he was feeling left out and I had no trouble convincing him to take a week of vacation to fly to Seattle to meet me.  We stayed with Amy’s sister for the first half of the week to relax and then for the last half we got on a ferry and rode into Victoria, B.C. for the weekend. 
This is definitely somewhere to go if you ever get a chance! It was such a cute town, the food was amazing, it had great shopping and it felt like I was farther out of the US than just Canada.  🙂 It’s a fairly cheap weekend as well if you live in the area.  Regardless, we really want to go back there someday!  It was beautiful! 
Thanks again to Lauren for inviting us to guest post and if you’d like to read more from us, come on over to our blog, A Brunette Duet and hang out with us for a bit! I promise we don’t bite and we’d love to chat with you! I’ll stop rambling now because I know you’re totally chomping at the bit to get over there and visit.  Right?  I thought so! haha! 

One thought on “Favorite Vacations: Florida to Washington

  1. Paula Burr says:

    Lauren I’ve loved reading their blog. Tell them Moozie said she’s glad you have such sweet friends. LOVE YA girl…

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