Weekend at Wintergreen

Earlier this summer, when we decided to meet some of our friends for a long weekend, I did a little research and found Wintergreen Resort in Virginia.  It was the perfect halfway meeting point between Tennessee and DC and ended up being such a nice area.  Definitely put this on your list if you are looking for a weekend trip to the mountains because the area has great hiking, golf, wineries and restaurants.  Sorry, you can’t borrow my friends. 🙂

If you aren’t new to my blog, you’ve definitely seen this crew pop up all the time.  Kayla has been my best friend since 2nd grade and her older sister Summer is married to Nick’s best friend, Mike.  That’s how Nick and I met!   Confused yet?   

We were obviously excited to see each other because after arriving on Thursday night, we proceeded to act like we were still college kids and didn’t go to bed until after 2.  I don’t function on 5 hours of sleep quite like I used to!! 🙂 

The boys started off the day with a round of golf and then we all met up for a hike.  Kayla and I channeled Joey Tribbiani and “stepped into the map” to help decide which way we should go. 

The weather was perfect and had me nice and ready for fall.  I forgot what it’s like to walk outside and not sweat immediately!  Although the sweat quickly kicked in after walking straight up a mountain for a few miles.

Kayla’s husband, Travis, is a big outdoor guy, but Kayla isn’t the biggest fan of the woods.  We were in the middle of the hike and she had us all laughing when she said, “I like the idea of a hike until I get out here and I hate it.”  She did well, even when we got a teeny bit lost.

After our accidental detour, someone was very glad to emerge from the woods and see the car.

We started Saturday off with more hiking!  Nick grew up on a farm in Idaho, so he’s right at home in the woods. On every trail, he would inevitably pass everyone and be way in front.  We kept joking that if he was on Oregon Trail, his pace would be set to grueling.  (And here’s to hoping that no one is too young to remember how awesome that game was).

Can you tell that these two are sisters?

Apparently climbing over rocks for several hours is a great workout for your backside because we were all a little sore the next day!

She may not be a fan of the woods, but we got her back outside!  Don’t the two of us look qualified to lead a hike?

Some of my absolute favorite people in this world.  As much fun as I’ve been having in DC these past two years, I’m starting to think that living at home again might not be so bad.  I miss them.  Especially this one who is always up for any type of photo opp.  The rest of them just think we are crazy and make fun of humor us. She’s Twinkle, I’m Sparkle.  (Kayla put it best on her blog….you don’t want to know where those names came from!)

Summer either has springs in her feet or the mountain was slanted.  I’ll let you decide.

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