Pinterest Inspired

Since we live in a small apartment, there is only so much space around the house for seasonal decorating, so I like to change the front door wreath for each season.  I saw a wreath that I liked recently on Pinterest, so I decided to re-create it for my front door.  This was seriously the easiest project!  The hardest part was trying not to spray Roxie as she was sniffing around.

Here’s the Pinterest wreath:


And this is my version:

*I covered the wreath with several coats of Robin’s egg blue spray paint.

*I broke the stem off the flowers, except for a small piece.  I inserted the stems through the wreath branches and wrapped the stems in a knot at the back.

*After I painted the J black, Nick put a fastener on the back of the J and then I put it through the branches with a zip tie. 

I’m sure there is a more correct way to attach everything to a wreath, but it’s working just fine!  Everything came from Michael’s.

I can’t wait to put up my fall wreaths!  As soon as we planned a trip with Kayla, I called her and asked her to make me a few things.  It’s very handy having a best friend who is crafty!  Wait until you see the Halloween bucket she is painting for Lily!

Here’s what will be on my door in September for football season:



See the holes on the sides?  I have a really thick piece of twine and then she made a big bow for the top. I’ll post a completed picture.

How cute is everything?!  Go check out Kayla’s blog and you can see a lot of her other work.  If you buy something, tell her I referred you.  Maybe I’ll make a commission. Now go!

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