The Monster Mile….3 Months Ago

Well, hello there!  I’ve been getting ready for an event at work and have been insanely busy the past few weeks.  The last thing I’ve wanted to do when I get home at night is look at another computer screen!  The event was this past weekend, but we have 4 more coming up, so I think things aren’t going to slow down until November.  I’ll try not to disappear. 🙂

Speaking of being busy and late, I was looking for a photo on the laptop and found some pictures from something we did in June that I never posted.  Is it ridiculous to share something that happened 3 months ago?  Probably, but here we go anyway!!

My old boss from my PR firm in Tennessee works for NASCAR and invited us to Dover International Speedway for the FedEx 400.  Despite my Tennessee roots, I’ve never been to a NASCAR race, but I did get a set of instructions from several family members on who we should be cheering on.  Earnhardt + Johnson + any Chevy car = good.  Busch brothers = bad.  Apparently their attitudes are inappropriate!

My boss arranged for us to get pit passes, so we had quite the tour into the world of NASCAR.  There is some serious money in this sport!

We were in the pit before the race, so we watched the teams go through the inspections and get ready for the race. Each team had a huge RV pulled up and most of them were grilling food and had people hanging out in the pit.

We tailgated after the tour and Nick was very excited to break out his NASCAR gear and blend in with the regulars.  Isn’t that a nice look for him?

We all got the headsets for the race so we could hear what was going on.  But, I’m going to admit, after a while, it just becomes round and round the track.  (My family members that are huge NASCAR fans probably just died a little reading that)  I think I had pictured a real life version of Mario Cart and there isn’t quite that much action going on! No banana peels at Dover!! We did see a few wrecks, so I think we got the full experience. 

I’m not sure either of us were converted in to full-blown NASCAR fanatics, but it was really fun to go to a race, especially with the pit tour.  My favorite part was the sound of the cars whizzing around the track.  They are flying!  Oh, and some of the fashion and mullets were quite spectacular!

I hope you enjoyed this recap 3 months later.  I think that’s the longest amount of time I’ve ever procrastinated on something!!

4 thoughts on “The Monster Mile….3 Months Ago

  1. Sonya says:

    My dad is a huge NASCAR fan. When they come to town we usually go. I like watching it in person so much better than on TV!! That is cool you got Pit Passes. I have always wanted to do that!!!!

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