Work Out With Sarge

I bought a Living Social deal a few months ago for an unlimited month with The Sergeant’s Program.  It’s a military style boot camp class that meets five days a week.  The bad news?  It meets EARLY in the morning!  There are two locations by my house-one that meets at 5:40 and one that meets at 5:50.  I chose the 5:50 location simply because those 10 extra minutes in the morning do matter! 

I questioned my sanity a bit and wondered if I would really get out of bed that early every single morning for a month.  I did start running in the mornings this summer to beat the heat, but I would sometimes find myself hitting dismiss on the alarm and sleeping in.  I started the program last week and I’ve made it to every workout.  The verdict?

I’m in love.  This is one of my favorite workouts I’ve ever done…I think it’s in edging out my love affair with Body Pump! 

Each day focuses on a different body part and I was really worried about cutting down on running, but each day gets a good mix of cardio/strength training and I’ve gotten in an average of 2 miles on several days, plus Wednesdays are a long run day.  Here’s what the week looks like: 


Tuesdays-upper body/cardio/abs


Thursday-upper body/cardio/abs

Friday-lower body/cardio/abs

My instructor is a woman and she is ready to kick your butt every time you show up.  Take a look at what we did today for a “Fun Run” and leg workout.


Curb Hops


Stair sprints


Hill Sprints


Hill Sprints

50 squats with one leg on the curb

50 with the other leg

50 lunges

repeat hill sprints


wall sits and sprint up 3 flights of stairs and repeat 3 times

You better believe that everyone was a sweaty mess!  I’ve never had so much fun working out and the workouts fly by because you aren’t in a gym staring at the clock.  You use a mix of weights, jump ropes, medicine balls, etc.-she’s even had us doing ab work with plastic plates!! But a lot of time we don’t use any equipment and use what’s available outside.

The part I never expected?  I enjoy getting up early and getting my workout in before going to work.  I’m hoping to continue this trend after the class is over, but we shall see if my motivation goes out the window when winter sets in. 

Are you ready to try it yet?  If you are in the DC area, they have the same Living Social deal going on again!  Unfortunately, I can’t buy it again for 6 months.  Boo.  But you should!  




3 thoughts on “Work Out With Sarge

  1. Kelly @ Turned up to Eleven says:

    Good for you!!! I love the concept of getting up early to get a workout in but I have YET to master doing that. I have always contemplated doing a boot camp and hope that maybe I will get a LIving Social Deal here locally where I am. I will have to ask my neighbor if she does any boot camps at her gym where she teaches. They do a ton of the Les Mills programs so maybe they will eventually. I want someone to tell me exactly what to do, when to do it, to achieve my goals. I have NO luck working out alone.

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