Fall Into Fall Swap

I was matched up with Ty from New Leaves and New Beginnings for the Fall Into Fall Swap. 

I knew we were a good match when I looked at her blog and saw her blog titles were like a Friends episode.  Clearly I was a fan. 🙂 My package came in the mail yesterday and it was so much fun to see what Ty picked out!  

She got me a fall pumpkin, Starbucks gift certificate (yes!), a fall candle, candy corn (love), cute note cards and pens.  I’m already halfway through that candy corn.

Thanks Ty! It was fun to shop for someone with clues from their blog.  Go check hers out!

4 thoughts on “Fall Into Fall Swap

  1. Paula Burr says:

    What is fall into fall swap. Nothing else down there but the sign of the swap. Whats this all about. what was in the package???

    • Life's Better With Freckles says:

      I saw it on Then I Got To Thinking, but it was 3 bloggers who did it together. Their links are on the button at the top of the post. I just signed up and they paired me with another blogger. I usually see them after everyone is revealing their packages, so I just got lucky this time and caught it!! If I see any coming up, I’ll send them to you. I’m sure there will be plenty for the holidays!

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