He’s Officially a Grown-up

Dear Nick, 

Remember when we were a couple of 22 and 24 year olds and talked about how old 30 sounded?  And how we decided that turning 30 was the official mark of being a grown-up?  And how we thought said 30 year olds seemed SO boring for staying in instead of going out on a Friday night? 

Well, as of today, that’s YOU!  Happy Birthday you 30-year-old grown-up!  Wow, we really didn’t know anything when we were 22 and 24, did we? .

However, I have a feeling that turning 30 isn’t going to hit you as hard as we thought it would at 24.  After all, you’ve had gray hair for the past 8 years, so unless you wake up with a giant bald spot, I don’t think a few more silver strands are going to affect you.

And that whole business about how lame it was to be home before 11 on a weekend?  Well, I think we both know how much we love throwing on sweats and ordering pizza on Friday nights.  That started several years ago, so obviously we aren’t going to start staying in just because you hit 30.  Maybe we will be wild and crazy and go for the 8:30 dinner reservation instead of 7:30 this weekend?  Yeah, probably not-we both get grumpy when we’re hungry. 

You also decided well before turning 30 that you didn’t care to keep up with the latest social crazes.  I don’t think you’ve logged onto Facebook in the last 2 years and I remember explaining Twitter and hashtags to you several months ago.  However, you do know about Gangnam style, so you aren’t totally unhip! 

However, there have been several signs I’ve noticed as you were rounding the corner to 30 that pointed to the fact that you were leaving your 20’s behind. 

-Your fitted polos and casual khakis have been replaced by button-ups and fitted pants for work.  But boy oh boy, do you look handsome every morning for work!  I’m liking this change. 

-Seeing how good you are with our niece and how much she adores you has me beyond excited for the day when I’ll watch you play with our kids.  And hey, you’re a grown-up now-I guess we can think about kids! 🙂 

-Watching your relationship grow with God and seeing it affect our relationship makes me so proud to be your wife. 

I don’t think turning 30 is going to be too rough-you’ve been an old man inside for the past few years!! But, I think you make 30 look fabulous-grey hair and all!  I just hope you take it better than Joey Tribbiani did.

Happy birthday babe!  I can’t wait to see what 30 brings for you!

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