Happy Birthday Lily Bug

My favorite little girl in the entire world is TWO today!


Her birthday party was this weekend, but we couldn’t make a trip home this time.  We went home for it last year, so I was homesick the entire weekend. My poor hubby. 🙂

Lily is obsessed with Elmo, so Heather used it for her party.  She also made the tutu.  How cute is that? 

Since my  days of being a nanny in college, this has always been my favorite age because it’s when their little personalities really start to shine.  But, I’m still amazed at how much joy this little girl brings to our family.  She has started to say my name now (it’s not always Nick anymore-yay!) and my heart always melts when she runs up to the computer (Skype) and smiles and says, “Hi Lawnen.”  It’s not so bad hearing “I wove you” either.She loves her Uncle Nick and thinks he is hysterically funny.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!! We are having so much fun watching you grow up.

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