Weekend with the Johnsons

Thank you SO much for all of the sweet comments on our big news!  I think the shock and surprise has finally worn off and we are so excited about becoming parents! And maybe slightly terrified of how much our life is about to change. 🙂

Nick and I went to Virginia this weekend to meet the newest little member of our family!  Callen is 7 weeks old and we wanted to meet him before he was much bigger.

How sweet is he?  He was such a good baby and I’m hoping our child takes after him.  It was a little crazy to see Nick holding him and realize that would be OUR child in a few more months! 

Can we please talk about how smart kids are with technology now?  Colby and Addelyn wanted to play games on my phone and asked for Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja.  They are 4 and 2! 

The weekend passed by in a flash.  I told Brandi that the day goes by fast when you are entertained by funny kids!  Addelyn is used to hearing Brandi say “Nick and Lauren” so she kept saying, “Hey Nick and!”  It was hilarious.  Brandi and Geoff don’t seemed phased at all with handling 3 children! I’m hoping Nick and I can handle one with the same grace. 


Colby is ALL boy and wrestled with Nick all weekend.  He told his Nana on Skype that Nick beat him at Ninja Warrior!  How great is that? 

Brandi, it’s kind of strange for me to be the pregnant one!  You should make me walk 2 miles in DC when I’m about to pop like you had to do to see the White House/Capitol. 🙂

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